Dark Synthesis #14

I always try to vary my mixes, flowing from one end of the spectrum to another. In this mix, we start off with the slow, somber sounds of Ivy, ending with the high-energy electronic sounds of Fr/Action. Enjoy!

  1. IvyWhile We’re In Love
  2. GarbageQueer
  3. EnigmaPush The Limits
  4. Parallel ProjectTrigger
  5. [:SITD:]Displaced
  6. IrisIt Generates (Darker Days Mix V2)
  7. Angels & AgonySurrender
  8. Absurd MindsMaster Builder
  9. Ladytron – Discotraxx
  10. Shiny Toy GunsDon’t Cry Out
  11. Echo Image – Need to be Proud
  12. SeaboundThe Promise
  13. Mind.in.a.BoxLost Alone (Album Version)
  14. Liquid DivineSleepwalk
  15. Fr/ActionThe Living and the Dead