A Number and the Ones (Zombie Girl vs Rotersand Mashup)

I made this a while back for debut at the Angels on Acid concert back in March. The minute I heard A Number and a Name off Rotersand’s new album A Number And A Name, I discovered a perfect mashup opportunity. It’s as if the songs were meant for each other

I’ve added this song to my myspace profile, add me if you haven’t already. remember to vote on thedjlist.com once a month. I’m listed as SELAROM.

Enjoy the track, send me your thoughts, and buy Random is Resistance
, it’s phenomenal!

A Number and The Ones by djselarom

May 2010 Update

Finally setup a MySpace page for my djing, as well as a new twitter account, be sure to follow me there.

Also I’ve begun a transition from DJ to producer by putting together a few mashups: A Number and the Ones crosses Zombie Girl with Rotersand, and Second Death Damage pairs Edge of Dawn with Suicide Commando.

I’ve also entered an ACIDplanet Remix Contest with an original remix of EHM Remix by STS9.

In addition to my new work in the studio, I have several new gigs lined up starting with the Artwalk this Friday May 7. Next month I’ll be spinning at Omnicon and Lunar Eclipse, so be sure and check those out!

I have tons more planned as far as mixes and remixes, so stay tuned, see you at the events!