DJ SelArom began djing in 2007, having been drawn in to dark electronic music by futurepop artists like Colony 5 and classic synthpop and new wave bands like Depeche Mode and New Order. Since then, a whole world of electronic music has been explored both personally and on the dance floor, with a strong focus on synth-heavy genres like aggrotech and electro-industrial. He has played various gigs in McAllen, and recently began expanding into other areas of South Texas including Brownsville (Sin @ Valentinos) and San Antonio (Industrial Dance Rave @ Club Atomix). SelArom also produces the Dark Synthesis Podcast, which started airing on Sanctuary Radio in late 2007.

The growing scene in the Rio Grande Valley led him and DJ Yesenia to form Night Shift as a vehicle to bring the latest and best in modern darkwave electronic music to South Texas, with the ultimate goal of making this area a permanent stop for top underground talent.

Over the years the music influence has evolved to include predominantly Electro and Progressive House music, as well as other synth-heavy genres like Synthpop and Synthtron. For the latest music be sure to visit DJ SelArom on SoundCloud.