Dark Synthesis #3

Due to the holiday last week, there was no new show. Tune in this Wednesday, November 28 for a brand new mix!

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This was my first downtempo mix, one of my earliest ones actually, originally posted on Ill Oddeo back in May. This is also basically the set I mixed at one of my first gigs at Club Montrose around that same time. Enjoy!


  1. Covenant – Afterhours
  2. Wolfsheim – Everyone Who Casts a Shadow
  3. Neuroticfish – Am I Suffocating Right?
  4. Client – One Day at a Time (Pocket Orchestra Mix)
  5. Virtual Server – The Earth (Remix)
  6. Assemblage 23 – Away
  7. Fictional – Mariner
  8. Solitary Experiments – Pandora’s Box
  9. Assemblage 23 – Complacent
  10. Angels & Agony – Destination
  11. Underwater Pilots – Loud and Clear
  12. De/Vision – I Regret (VNV Nation Remix)
  13. Colony 5 – Freedom
  14. Engine Room – A Perfect Lie (Gabriel & Dresden Mix)
  15. Praga Khan – Mistress of Dreams